The rules listed below are for all Reebok Series Basketball Games.  To view the rules for all NCAA Certified Events, please click here.


Adults: Varies per tournament
Students 10 and under: FREE


GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME!  Additional team players arriving late are allowed to play provided they are on the official roster.

• A game will consist of two 20-minute halves with a running clock. The clock will stop on all dead balls in the last minute of the second half, unless one of the teams has a 10-point or greater lead, then the clock will continue to run.
• Halftime length: Three minutes
• First overtime is 1 minute. The clock will stop in the final 15-seconds of the OT period. Second overtime is 1 minute with a running clock.  Third overtime is sudden death. Halftime length: Three minutes.
• 3 time-outs per game. Each time is awarded one time-out for for the first overtime only.
• Free throw restriction: players may enter the lane upon release of the free throw shot.
• Free throws: On the 7th foul of a half, a team will shoot 1-and-1. On the 10th foul, a team will shoot 2 shots.
• FULL COURT PRESS: In 3th-8th grade divisions, teams may press up to a 15-point lead. Full court press in 1st and 2nd grade for the last 5 minutes of the first and second half.
• RIM HEIGHT: All divisions will play at 10 feet.
• BALL SIZE: 6th grade and under use 28.5” women’s size; 7th and older will use 29.5” full size.
• A team must wear uniforms that match and have the appropriate numbers clearly displayed.
Non-compliance = Technical Foul.
• Shorts must be pulled up over hips, shirts must be tucked in, no jewelry of any kind.
• No complaints about the officials are allowed. No badgering/mocking of the officials is allowed during the game. Do not “help” the officials with their calls (this is inappropriate behavior).

AGE RESTRICTIONS: Teams should be school year based with September 1 as the cut-off. Grade Exceptions are permitted- a player may be up to up to one year older…he must be able to document with a current school report card. (Example:  on a 5th grade team a player may be up to one year older than the appropriate age range as long as he can verify enrollment in the 5th grade).   Birth Certificates and Report cards must be produced if requested by opposing coach.  Players unable to verify age will be disqualified from tournament. Team results will be subject to forfeit.

Tie Breakers: 
1. Head to Head
2. Point Differential up to 15 points per game
3. Points Allowed


Reebok Series Director: Marc Mares – (314) 960-8153 /