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The 2015-16 Reebok POWER Mini Series consists of 5 events in 6 weeks beginning in November with the 7th All Net Classic, and ending in December with the 6th Annual Big Marc’s Christmas Classic. We invite you to participate in at least one of the next five tournaments in order to be crowned a champion, or just build your power rankings. It will hard to be the champion if you only have one tournament in, but it is possible.  The more tournaments you play in, the higher your power ranking is going to be in preparation for the Winter National Championship.  We want to end 2015 with a Bang!

This is going to be a great Power Mini Series. We will have 1st and 2nd place awards after the 1st four tournaments. After the final event we will award the Special Awards to all the winners of each division. We will also feature awards for the winners of the scoring, three pointers and free throws.   With your team account you will be able to manage your roster and your overall record and series standings will be updated automatically so the parents, athletes and fans can view them all season long.

The Reebok POWER Series will be awarding top team throughout the series. Points will be tracked as follows:

  • Participation
  • Pool game wins
  • Bracket game wins
  • Championship game appearances
  • Tournament championships
  • Scoring leaders
  • Free throw leaders
  • 3 point leaders

The Reebok POWER Series is powered by the team at Tourney Machine: