1. Each team will play a minimum of 4 games.
  2. National High School Federation rules will be followed with the few exceptions listed below.
  3. Each player will be allowed a total of six (6) fouls before being disqualified.
  4. All games will be played in two (2) sixteen  (16) minute halves.
  5. Over time is 1 minute (no additional timeouts in overtime).    Maximum of 2 overtimes….3rd Overtime is Sudden Death…First point wins.
  6. There will be a running clock in the last five (5) minutes of the game if and only the point differential is 15 points or more. Regular timing procedures will resume anytime that the point differential falls below the 15 point limit.
  7. There will be a one (2) minute rest period between halves.
  8. Teams will be allowed to call three (3) thirty second time-outs during the regulation game.  NO TIME OUT IN OVERTIME.
  9. There will be a minimum of a four (4) minute warm up period between games.
  10. A team will reach the 2 shot free throw bonus on their opponent’s 10th team foul of each half. There will be a one and one bonus on the opponent’s 7th team foul.
  11. NCAA certified coaches and team players are only allowed to sit on their designated team bench. NCAA certified coaches must wear colored event wristbands designated for ARCH SHOWCASE. Coaches that
    are not in compliance with this rule will be removed from the bench by the game officials. Any complications could result in that coach’s team having to forfeit the game. No trainers, scorekeepers, or managers are allowed to sit on the bench unless they are certified by the NCAA.
  12. No game will begin before the time listed on the official game schedule.
  13. All teams are expected to arrive for games thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled start times. Scorebooks must be filled out and marked with starters before the official game time. If a team is not on the court at the scheduled game time an official forfeit will be declared. If any team that is knowingly unable to make their scheduled game must notify the Tournament Director in advance. In bracket play, if a team cannot advance, the losing team advances as if they had won the previous game.
  14. Players will be allowed to play for one team only. Once a player plays in a game for one team, she will no longer be eligible to participate for any other team in the tournament.
  15. In Bracket Play, the home team is the bottom team on the bracket will wear light colored jerseys and sit to the left of the scorekeeper facing the court.