Before all 14U / 15U / 16U / 17U Boys can participate in an NCAA Certified Event, they must register with NCAA.

NCAA Roster Information for Coaches Check in.

NCAA Team Rosters must be submitted by Wednesday evening at 11:59 PM. If a player is not on the NCAA Team Roster, the player will be ineligible to compete this weekend. If a coach is not on the NCAA Team Roster, the coach will be ineligible to coach this weekend.

Coaches must pass the background check and register your team on NCAA Site. Helpful information can be found below.  Coaches are expected to keep their online rosters updated.  The same address and telephone number cannot be utilized for multiple athletes.  Coaches MAY NOT substitute their own demographic information for that of a prospective student-athlete.  Failure to register or submit all required information will result in the team being denied participation in all NCAA Certified Events.


The NCAA has adjusted its requirements.  It is important to be aware AND COMPLETE each of the these new requirements in order to be able to participate in this or any NCAA Certified event.  Please start this process early as it could take up to 3 weeks to complete.

All of the steps below must be completed by 14U-17U teams in order to participate. Teams without approved coaches and rosters on the NCAA BBCS will not be allowed to participate in NCAA-certified events.  The following links are crucial for being able to complete your certification.

  • Coaches must obtain USA BBall Gold Licenses: Coaches of 14U-17U teams must obtain a USA Basketball Gold Coach License with NCAA Status. Click here to get your gold license.
  • Register on the new BBCS: ALL COACHES AND ATHLETES must create individual accounts on the all-new NCAA BBCS website (

The following is a link to the ECAG user manual so coaches and athletes have access to guidelines, legislation and step by steps on how to use the new BBCS:


All teams must check-in before their first game.  Please arrive 45 minutes early.


Division I – $200
Division II – $100
Division III – $75
NAIA & Other – $75

Each additional coach from the same institution can buy a packet for $50.

All event related questions should be directed to:

Director: Loretta DeLeon / 314-681-6360
Assistant Director:
Assistant Director: Gary Buchanan – 
Director of College Coaches: Charles Jones –
Community Volunteer:
Marc / 314-960-8153
Marketing Director: