The rules listed below are for all Reebok Series Basketball Games.  To view the rules for all NCAA Certified Events, please click here.

  1. GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME!  Additional team players arriving late are allowed to play provided they are on the official roster.
  2. Modified Game Rules: Game Length: 20 minute running Clock halves… clock runs during the first half and the clock will stop during the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half;   3 Time-outs per game.  No Pressing with lead of 20 points or more.  Over time is 1 minute (timeouts do not carry over. Each team is issued one timeout in the first overtime only). Clock stops during the last 30 seconds of the 1st overtime only. Maximum of 2 overtimes….3rd Overtime is Sudden Death…First point wins.

2nd GRADE BOYS AND  GIRLS. Special Rules – Free throw line at 13 feet (Grade-stepping over the line is not a violation), NO Pressing for second graders until the LAST 5 MINUTES OF SECOND HALF ONLY.  

6th Grade and under will use a 28.5 size ball (or regulation ball if both coaches agree)

  1. Players allowed to play on ONLY one-registered team per division.
  1. Age Restrictions – Teams should be school year based with September 1 as the cut-off. Grade Exceptions are permitted- a player may be up to up to one year older…he must be able to document with a current school report card. (Example:  on a 5th grade team a player may be up to one year older than the appropriate age range as long as he can verify enrollment in the 5th grade).   Birth Certificates and Report cards must be produced if requested by opposing coach.  Players unable to verify age will be disqualified from tournament. Team results will be subject to forfeit.
  1. Half time will be 3 minutes in length. Each team will be allowed a minimum of 3 minutes to warm up before each of their games…the horn will be blown with 1 minute remaining…Players should be on the court to tip at 0:00.  Game time is forfeit time.
  1. Missouri State High School Athletic Association rules will apply, with exception mentioned herein, and rules subject to the discretion of the Tournament Director.
  1. Score sheets should be prepared. Coaches should check for correctness. WE PROVIDE SCOREKEEPER
  1. Admission – TBA
  2. Tie Breakers If 2-way tie: Winner is decided by head-to-head match-up.  If still a tie, winner is decided by point spread (common opponents only if applicable), with 15 point maximum per game.  If still tied, the team that allowed the least number of points.  If still tied, there will be a witnessed coin flip between the participating tiebreaker teams and site director.
  1. Any fighting or disruptive activity by any players or spectators either on or off the premises during the tournament will be cause for suspension.  Coaches please manage your team’s behavior on and off the court. No excuses will be allowed.
  1. Coaches wishing to protest any of their games must do so no later than immediately following the completion of their game, post a $250 cash fee, note the protest in writing (sign and date), and only have the head coach and his assistant at the protest hearing. The protest hearing is to be held by the Tournament Director or his designees. If protest is lost, no refund. Any successful protests may result in forfeiture of all previously played games.
  2. Parents please cheer and encourage your team and not berate other players and referees. Any disruptive actions on the part of parents may cause an escort from the premises and suspension for the remainder of the tournament.
Tie Breakers: 
1. Head to Head
2. Point Differential up to 15 points per game
3. Points Allowed
Reebok Series Director: Marc Mares – (314) 960-8153 /